Business consultancy company that gathers professionals highly qualified in solving complex economic and financial problems, outlining business strategies, and adding value to the clients’ operations through the provision of fast, customized and transparent services.
BE adopts an interdisciplinary approach in its service lines so as to maximize the value of the clients’ operations. Its team is composed of professionals with varied abilities and solid market backgrounds, who work together to provide the clients with complete solutions with a high quality standard.
Our team is highly qualified in solving complex problems with customized solutions, being able to adapt to the different realities of each client.
To cause a positive impact with our projects, both to clients and to the society. Ethical and sound actions are the basis of our effort to reach the best results.
The Company
BE Advisory was created from the perception that companies need to exploit their maximum productive potential, and that they may find it difficult to take advantage of the market opportunities when they arise in the operations. We provide personalized services to each client, for we have been devoted to their specific demands since our very foundation, applying interdisciplinary approach to take up opportunities and making decision analyses to select the strategies that maximize the value of the company’s businesses. The name BE is the combination of our two pillars of performance: Business and Economic. At the same time, it represents our orientation to face the clients’ demands as if we were the companies for which we work, and as if we were managing our own businesses.

Our focus lies on the collaboration with these companies so that they reach their best performance in their niches in various business segments. BE occupies a strategic position in the market, since it counts on an interdisciplinary team totally devoted to providing the best integrated solutions. Composed of professionals with a vast knowledge of Economy, Controllership and Management, the Company offers solutions regarding auditing, internal risks and processes management, finance and market analyses that are custom-made to each client.

We are a member of BRS Par Group, holding present in five continents and that is composed of companies with a history of investments in the capital and in the real economy markets. The clients portfolio of the group counts on players form the following markets: retailing, energy and natural resources, technology, sport, besides real estate incorporation and construction. We have built a relationship network over the years, which is based on reliability, credibility and transparency with our clients.
Specialized controllership services
  • Complete audit (pre-balance sheet and final audit)
  • Quarterly audit (audit for each quarter over the year)
  • Limited review (extension of the limited audit procedures)
  • Follow-up of amendments to the charts of accounts
Increase in the Efficiency of Internal Controls
  • Audit of internal controls of the entire operation or of specific sectors
  • Intermediation of the systems implementation
  • Redesign of internal flows
  • Establishment of goals linked to performance indicators
  • Performance indicators
  • Training of the client’s team
Preparation for Merger & Acquisition
  • Complete or partial audit of the financial statements and of the internal controls according to the client’s demand
  • Follow-up of the diligence process carried out by the investor
  • Design new internal flows
  • Valuation and Financial Analysis
Business and Financial Consultancy
  • Investments assessment
  • Financial restructuring
  • Market positioning
  • Idle capacity assessment and correction
  • Increase in the productive and management efficiency
  • Company restructuring/repositioning
Market Analyses and strategic orientation
  • Analyses about the current operating market or about the market the clients aspire to enter, with the research scope to be defined with them
  • Strategic reorientation of the firm based on the analysis of its internal and external environments.
  • Generation of decision scenarios to expand the businesses
BE offers its capacity to guide the varied organizations and to provide them with solutions to maximize their results. The growth perspectives and the success of a company are directly linked to its choices. We work within each client’s operation, in order to identify their improving points and to propose the solutions that fit the best to their reality, adopting modern decision analysis concepts, techniques and tools. Our work consists of the knowledge internalization by our clients’ teams. Then, this knowledge is converted into better financial results to them. BE services are based on the technical knowledge that allows its teams to establish the best methods to achieve the results expected. Considering this, we present several working lines, such as:
  • Increase in the efficiency of internal controls;
  • Specialized controllership services;
  • Preparation for Merger & Acquisition processes;
  • Business and financial consultancy;
  • Market analyses and strategic orientation.
Our services are not limited to those listed above, since each client has a particular demand for which we will be able to provide a personalized solution. We work through an interdisciplinary team skilled to analyze the environments internal and external to the companies. We draw up strategies to ensure our clients’ continuity and sustained growth, which also allows us to translate the companies’ perspectives into performance indicators.
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